General Motors’ 7.0-liter LS7 V8 engine is already considered a legend as the core of the fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Chevrolet Performance’s LS7 crate engine is derived from the production specs of this racing-bred engine. But since, things can always get better, a new yet more powerful version of this mill – the new LS427/570 crate engine – is coming to town. Let’s take a look at Chevy’s all-new Mighty Mouse motor.

More Powerful Than Production LS7

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 LS7 engine
Via Chevrolet

Hand-assembled at the Performance Build Center in Bowling Green, KY, Chevrolet’s LS7 crate engine (LS-Series Small-Block V-8) can provide 505 hp of max output at 6,300 rpm and 470 lb.-ft. of peak torque at the same rev figure. These numbers are already pretty high, as these are enough to make a fifth-gen Camaro Z/28 very track capable with a 0-60 mph sprint time of around 3.9 seconds

Chevrolet Performance’s new 427-cubic inch LS427/570 crate engine builds on the capability of the production-based LS7 crate engine. Indeed, this new crate engine offers more output and torque — 570 hp at 6,200 rpm and 540 lb.-ft. at 4,800 rpm — making it around 65 hp and 70 lb.-ft. more powerful than the production-based LS7 crate engine.

Reasons For The Surge

Via Chevrolet

The considerable increase in power of the LS427/570 crate engine is primarily thanks to the employment of a new, specially developed high-lift hydraulic roller camshaft with 0.591-inch intake and 0.590-inch exhaust lift. This camshaft also features a 227-degree intake and 242-degree exhaust duration. Furthermore, it boasts a 116-degree lobe separation angle.

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Chevrolet Performance has also made the LS427/570 crate engine easier to install by employing an F-body aluminum oil pan and a specific wet-sump oil pump. Thanks to this new setup, an installer would have no need to install a separate oil tank, oil lines as well as other ancillary components just to support the dry-sump system.

Ready To Rumble

Chevrolet Performance's LS427/570 crate engine
Via Chevrolet

Chevrolet Performance’s LS427/570 crate engine also employs distinct high-rate valve springs, low-profile LS7 EFI intake manifold, fifth-gen Z/28 exhaust manifolds, forged steel crankshaft, titanium connecting rods, CNC-ported cylinder heads as well as 14-inch Camaro Z/28 168-tooth manual transmission flywheel. This crate engine must be used with the LS427/570 Engine Controller P/N 19420000, which must be purchased separately. Are you ready to rumble?